Jan 22, 2017

Bronco-busting Codger Captures Cutie

Another somewhat H.J.Ward-inspired piece penciled by me (very roughly), then cleaned up and inked by my anonymous colleague.

(Note: there has been some debate over the propriety of a BBCCC alliteration scheme, with various alternatives proposed, such as "Bronco-busting Baddie Body-snatches Bimbo." Try it yourself at home and let me know if you come up with anything. A top priority is to maintain the "geezer" associations of "codger" with a B-word though. Also "bronco-busting" would be nice to retain.)


  1. Not sure what you are after. Perhaps something a little less tongue-twisting?

    If so, then you can use variants to reduce syllables and/or letters, which would facilitate the flow off the tip of the tongue.

    For instance, Bronco-busting Baddie Body-snatches Bimbo has a total of twelve syllables. You could use Bronc-busting, or perhaps even bronc-bustin'. The letter "g" at the end is harsher than the letter "n." Harsher sounds struggle more getting off of the tongue, all else being equal. My opinion of just one, of course.

    The character reminds me of Yosemite Sam. Thus, brushing up on his sayings might be helpful to you.

    He could be a bodacious bronc buster, or just do like Old Will Shakespeare, and make a new word up on the spot.

    Maybe he's a bronc busting bedlamite (obsolete : madman, lunatic).

    Perhaps he is a blonde-ornery bronc-buster, if she's a blonde, or maybe he's just a bronc-bustin'[ badass.

    He could be cow-napping her, a cow-napped cowgirl. She could also be a Clementine, aka Huckleberry Hound.

  2. I like bedlamite, that seems to fit. And if it's obsolete, well, so is he, probably.