Feb 11, 2017

"Old Stuff" volumes 1 &2 --- Info and cover designs

Some have accused me of "hoarding away" artwork... keeping it all "to myself."

My response?

I scoffed. As if any fool would slave away for hours and hours, writing, penciling, inking, and cross-hatching page after page of comics (my god the cross-hatching!) only to keep it all to themselves.

Fah. Thus I scoffed.

Then, it dawned on me... slowly at first, but with quickening speed as I thumbed through the tattered old boxes that constitute my archives. I HAVE been hoarding comics away!!!!

Ever since the 90s I've been plying the old crowquill pen, trying to get a hearing for my pathetic little doodles. I've got TONS of old stuff that's never seen the light of day (well, of this blog. Or a print-on-demand publishing service.)

So. It begins. I'm going to scan this old blarney and try to get 'er up on the Create 'em Space.

The plan is to divide the material into two books, one more family friendly, and the other representing my embarrassing attempts at "edgy" material. Sigh.

Here's the "edgy" cover for that material (click on "Read More):

Well, that's the plan anyway. As we know, I'm very slow and unproductive at this whole comics game, so it may be a while.

Also at least one of the stories ("Throk the Barbarian in Peril on the Shrinking Planet") is only half-finished, and I want to go ahead and pencil and ink the rest of it. So there's more to do than just scanning and page layout.


  1. I knew that you were hoarding stuff.

    There are probably thousands of items that have never seen the light of day.

    I am holding a party, celebrating, right now.