Jun 7, 2017

Lurid Pulp Lures Eyeballs?

Art by HJ Ward
Interesting that among the most viewed posts of the past year (according to Blogger's widget, see side bar at left) are two drawings I did under the influence of old pulp magazine covers (penciled by me, inked by a fellow cartoonist who doesn't want his name on them).

I don't know if that represents actual interest in lurid pulp art, or something else... since nobody (except the infamous Charles Mosteller) actually comments. I don't think those drawings even got any comments when I posted them at DigitalWebbing (a comic art forum). People are LOOKING at them here, but are too shy to say anything (good or bad) about them. Maybe they're just thinking, "Jeez, what a creep!" and then clicking back over to FacialTissueBook.

That stuff used to be all over the drugstore stands though, judging by the residual coffee table art books we've been left with. (How do you like that little transition by the way? From

drugstore moron fodder, to highly produced, oversized art books for lawyers' and doctors' pads.)

Most popular of all was the recent global warming screed. I wonder why that attracted interest? Maybe just the conflict inherent in politics, and people like to see which "team" you're on. Or maybe the way the title is phrased, talking about my personal "frustration" with the discussion around the topic? Maybe people are drawn to personal/ autobiographical commentary. Or, maybe the Basil Wolverton art is roping in the rubes, haha. (No offense to any rubes out there. Rubes are people too.)

The Goldbug page only shows up in the list because Chris Kendall of HoaxbustersCall posted about it on his relatively popular site. That got a huge influx of traffic for a little bit.


  1. Too shy to say anything, or bedecked with infamy. What's a site visitor to do?

    You deliberately erect this monument to your artistic self on some backwater planet of a blog location, and then you dare to lament the silence that flows form the aftermath of that decision. Such a fine dish of irony that you serve us, this day, 'O wizened One!

    Have you considered not visually starving us? Your artistic talent is more reclusive than Howard Hughes, it would seem, making only the rare appearance on this blog site or elsewhere.

    I must say, though, that I do admire your profound and manifest ability to let them eat cake. That will teach them a lesson.

  2. from not form

    My kingdom for an edit feature!

  3. Lurid Pulp Lures Eyeballs? ... drawings I did under the influence of old pulp magazine covers (penciled by me, inked by a fellow cartoonist who ...