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Modern Science in "Paradigm Shift"

One-page comic about the arrogance of science as it crushes everything in its path. Sure, science has its uses; I'm just sayin'.

On Meeting Al Pacino
3-page comic about the time I (supposedly) met Al Pacino....

The Perfect Couple

One page comic under the distant influence of Carol Lay's alt-weekly strip "Story Minute."

18 pp, b&w. Sci-fi dystopian southern trash fiction. (Click here to view in beautiful Creat-O-Vision...)

Not really a comic... More of a, er, "Fun Page"... You'll see, it'll be fun.. I promise.

Enter the Hive

3-page comic, black & white. Even weirder than usual. An incoherent theory of society and gender is advanced, but don't you believe it. WARNING: Mature language, adult sound effects.

Journey to the Center of the Brain

8 page, B&W. A neuroscientist experiments on the family pet, amid interruptions from his tech devices. Then he wanders in a dream-like world populated by "Brain Buddies" and other oddities.

Pete Moss and the Search for the Holy Nib 

Available at IndyPlanet. Only $1.85 (+s&h) for a 32-page B&W magazine-size comic. IndyPlanet listing includes 5 preview pages and story synopsis.

Marxist Hulk Comics 

For some strange reason I started imagining what a Hulk comic would be like if the Hulk had a fairly sophisticated grasp of Marxist type ideas, but was still basically the Hulk and talked in Hulk-speak. And so this short comic is the result.

MAD Mag-esque Piece on Alex Jones 

I've long been fascinated by the MAD magazine work of Mort Drucker and Jack Davis. So I decided to try my hand at imitating it, down to the ink wash grays and all. I didn't try to match either of those guys exactly (not that I could) but just to get in that ballpark. It was much more difficult than I anticipated, and there are some real rough spots in here, terrible drawings. But, here and there, I think some of the panels worked out really well. I even tried to write it in the style of those parodies, using the same type of writing conventions.

Parable for the Young Artist

Two page comic sort of in the manner of a Seventies EC-derivative comic or something. Pleased with how this came out in some respects, I should probably do more comics with flexible panel layouts. After all, everybody in their heart is a Neal Adams fan. Even if they get too smart later and disdain him... ^^/


Responding to my bewilderment over this TV personality (pre $&^-storm that ended with him getting canned or leaving or whatever.) To me he seemed like he was somebody's (whether his or his producers') idea of a contrived counterpart to the vociferous voices of the right. Like they sat down and sketched it out - "Okay, we don't have any really rabid liberal on-air personalities. We've got lots of tepid ones, but no one really getting too histrionic or over the top. You be that guy." But then again I don't have cable and only caught him in passing here and there. So that's just a snapshot impression.



Very quickly drawn (that's my excuse anyway.) A response to some news story about a guy getting tasered for running onto a field and some newscasters I saw taking way too much glee in this, going on about how he deserved it etc.

Becky Bluebird & Friends

Cute fuzzy animals in a nightmare dystopia. 36 miniature color pages.

Buckshot (Two page excerpt)

Co-written with David Smith. This tale of a racist superhero who flies around with a double-barreled shotgun stirred up some degree of online controversy when I first posted it at the digitalwebbing forums. But it's intended sort of in the vein of Chris Ware's superhero character, where super powers create a super bastard.

How I Infiltrated the Elite Leafblower Corps - and Lived to Tell about It!

Old comic, so I cringe at a lot of it, but a couple people have told me they liked it. (Not autobiographical by the way. I never worked as a leafblower.)

Planet of the Slob-oids

On a distant planet, a strange race of beings have evolved who eat only Twinkies. 4 pages, b&w.


  1. Tim Rocks,

    After quasi-much thought and substantially significant lack of sleep, I have decided that you, sir, are a bastard!

    No, I mean it. A true bastard of the comic and caricature realms.

    You're a shit-hot artist. You have talent in spades. You possess an active, working, functioning brain - and you're not afraid to use it. And you make me smile, and laugh, and think - mostly think.

    Plus, you have street cred when it comes to panels, and you're notorious when it comes to dialogue.

    And your lettering? Well, not bad. Not bad at all, my son.

    In fact, there's nothing about the comic medium that you fare poorly in.

    Show off!

    Which inexorably leads one to the proverbial twenty-first century version of the sixty-four thousand dollar question - Where's the beef?

    That's right, Mister Tim Rocks. You're a cross between that old Wendy's television commercial that kept on asking America, "Where's the beef?" and battery hens. Sorry about the multi-reference to the term battery hens, of late, but I'm probably doing it to stress a point.

    The beef. You know, as in, where in the Hell is Fort Knox? By that, specifically, I mean, why is there such a paucity of your artistic, conic-esque handiwork available for consumption by the public masses, when it is beyond obvious, man, that you're sitting on a gold mind of talent?

    Bastard, I say, again!

    It's like playing kick the can with Monty Python, every time that I visit here. It's got to be near-psychotic, the way that you intentionally dumb-down your approach to 'Net hawking your goods, here in your own little backwater of the Internet on this Blog of the Obscure.

    That's very rotary of you.

    Pulse dialing artist meets art. I'm experiencing a Normal Rockwell moment, here, just thinking about you. I applaud your unwavering fight to avoid becoming popular. Bravo! Bravo, I say!

    If your art were birdseed, then the birds of the world would have long since gone extinct. Why hateth thou so the art of being prolific?

    Damn you all to Hell, Tim!

    Bastard, I say for a third time.

    [Disclaimer: My need for emphasis demands that I reach for the obvious tool.]

    And the moral of this story is: You really should be doing more. It's one of the best, most fundamental ways to build up your fan base.

  2. P.S.

    OK, OK.....Fourth time, not third. I stand corrected, auto-self style. Does this mean that you have reached a Buckshot-epic-level of bastardy?