Apr 22, 2015

GoldBug Ep.2

Starting a new GoldBug adventure.. Some of you (some very few of you) may remember GoldBug from his earlier incarnation. Well, I've pulled him out of retirement, and added a few new cast members:  We now have a kid sidekick, Ingot Lad; a Doctor Doom knock-off called Dr. Dollar-Dump; and a potential Poison Ivy-like love interest, Pepper Munee.

UPDATE: I'll just keep adding pages here instead of making new posts. Please click the "Read More" link below to view all pages at full size.

Mar 25, 2015

old-school comic strip page

 Please click the "Read More" link below to view at full size...

Mar 19, 2015

Peter Porker FanFic...

A page from an imaginary Peter Porker comic...

Please click the "Read More" to view at full size. And scroll down to see my notes, and the pencil under-drawing for this page.

Mar 8, 2015

"Scenes from Inside a Modern Business School"

4.5 pg black & white comic

Please click the "Read More" link (below) and then scroll down to see full-size pages.

Feb 10, 2015

"Enter the Hive"

This is a new short comic -- 3 pages, black & white.

I'm also putting up some of the pencil roughs.

But please note...

WARNING: This comic contains mature language. Also, adult sound effects.

So click the "Read More" link at your own risk, to read pages at full size!!

Jan 14, 2015

"Paradigm Shift"

Here's another one-pager.. To view at a readable size, please right-click on the image and choose "Open in New Tab." (And then click it with the magnifying glass...)

And here it is in black & white (if you're into that sort of thing)...

Dec 28, 2014

The Perfect Couple

Here is a one page comic I just finished. Some inspiration for format was taken from Carol Lay's strip "Story Minute" which used to appear in Birmingham's weekly "Black & White" paper back in the 90s.

Please click through the "Read More" link, I have to get it low enough on the screen that it doesn't overlap the text at right!