Mar 30, 2020

The Boreville splash page - inks

Still in progress... Planning to color this and add lettering.

Mar 24, 2020

The Boreville - splash page pencils

Taking a hiatus from "Sippy Cup of Evil".

Decided to do a MAD Magazine style parody of this show I've been watching lately, "The Orville." It's produced by Seth Mcfarlane of "Family Guy" fame, who also stars in it.

Anyway, here are the pencil roughs of the first two pages (double-page spread.) Planning to ink and color this-

Mar 12, 2020

It Had to Happen...

The vegan agit-prop is unavoidable... Now it's even trickling down into Sippy-Cup...

I have to mention as an influence on these strips. Veganism has been a big topic of the podcast over there and I often listen while I draw.

To be fair, the vegan crusade was already reaching its vegetal tendrils down into my life... At a party I went to at a friend's house, I was accosted by a recent convert, who pinned me to a wall and proselytized for 15 minutes. He had seen that movie, whatever it's called, with Schwarzenegger, and seemed desperate to convince me (or maybe himself?) that he had found the One True Way.

Now, this is one benefit of being an amateur fakeologist--- most people would be annoyed to be lectured like that, especially if, like me, you've actually read quite a bit about nutrition and have some half-way decent insights on the topic. But not me. No, for me it's a fascinating study of the effects of propaganda.

I mean, disturbing, yes. But also fascinating. I try to reason with people where possible, but this guy was a lost cause, at least at the moment. Best to step back and observe, like a good citizen scientist...

Feb 26, 2020

Neocon postmodernist Leo Strauss in today's SippyCup of Evil...

...Also see "NOTES" below for more background information on these strips...


The idea for these strips came from a book called "Conspiracy Theory in America," by a professor out of some Florida university. Specifically, out of the "Ruben D. Askew school of public policy" department, or something like that. That "Askew" seems like a bit of a joke, because I think I've seen other "pro conspiracy theory" books/ writers come out of that place. 

In any event, it's not a hugely useful book, very "low level" analysis, sort of mildy self-critical of history and sociology departments, and of government and media. It's ostensibly in favor of "conspiracy theory," or at least asking questions and looking critically at official narratives. But one chapter gave an interesting overview of the various camps represented by these three guys --- Leo Strauss, Karl Popper, and Charles Beard --- and their influence on "the academy." So these strips try to summarize or boil down the camps to some extent. Probably not 100% accurately, it's hard to condense that much. I do recommend the book, at least that one chapter, to anyone interested in how the university system has changed its presentation of "history" over the past 100+ years.

As far as the title of this post, "neocon postmodernist," that's based on past reading about Strauss. If you look into postmodernism, his name comes up, as he (somehow --- it's very convoluted!) represented the "right-wing" branch of "postmodernism." As I recall, according to Giacomo Preparata, Strauss was highly influenced by early postmodernist Georges Bataille, and copied his ideas but with a right-leaning slant. Meanwhile, better-known academic Michelle Foucault popularized Bataille's ideas for the "leftists."

If anyone's interested. I know one can also make a case that "postmodernism" is a virtually meaningless word...

Feb 7, 2020

"Free Market Blues"

Sippy-Cup of Evil returns with 4 new strips, and DD has a few QUESTIONS, if anyone's listening...!

Jan 26, 2020

"Merely Paying Homage..."

Sippy Cup of Evil presents, a new 6-part tribute to America's favorite nappy-headed cartoon icon...