Dec 15, 2017

PFM Presents #1 - cover prototype

Thinking about printing this recent GoldBug comic (see posts below) through CreateSpace (or a local Print on demand service if I can find one.)

Also, playing around with ideas for packaging it along with backup articles, comics, etc. from various local artists and writers.

Back cover:

Nov 26, 2017

TBBR p.16-19

The curtain comes down in this final installment of "The Bug's Big Role"....

Nov 3, 2017

TBBR p.13-15

Nearly to the end of "The Bug's Big Role" (probably will be 19 pages.)

Oct 17, 2017

TBBR p.10-12

"The Bug's Big Role" is back with a few more pages... (I know, I know, how long is this going to take? One single comic, and it unfolds over the space of a year!!! Wotta dilettante, am I right? F'r crissake..)

Oct 5, 2017

TBBR p.7-9

"The Bug's Big Role" skitters forward...!

(I was really hoping to work much faster than this, but somehow there are always distractions. Plus my own slothfulness. Plus everything (pencils, inks, colors, Photoshop, scripting, page layout, etc.) taking longer than expected.)

Sep 14, 2017

TBBR p.3-6

(See previous post for pages 1-3 of "The Bug's Big Role.")

Sep 5, 2017

Hiatus Interruptus

Starting another "GoldBug" adventure... (in glorious Green-O-VisionTM)