Sep 6, 2018

Duck Master - cover pencils

Remember "Duck Master"? Back in the heady days of March and April 2018, it was Duck Master, Duck Master, every day... Surely you remember! No? Well anyway... here are the cover pencils that I forgot to post.

Also keep your beady little duck eyes peeled for a soon-to-be (we hope) forthcoming PRINTED version of Duck Master. With script and lettering by Joie Simmons. If you like that sort of thing. It would put you in a very small, exclusive company, to be sure. But I suppose anything's possible.

Jul 17, 2018

GoldBug Joins a Cult p.2 - 3

Notes: Scanning these as Grayscale images, and I keep getting smudgy gray crud in the backgrounds... even after "adjusting levels."

Actually --- it looks okay on my computer, it's just that other monitor settings yield different results. Kind of annoying and I'm not sure how to adjust it for universal viewability.

Jul 12, 2018

GoldBug Joins a Cult - Ep. 1

Notes: Just FYI, not that anyone cares, but I am writing this saga of the Bug "as it goes along," i.e. it's not all pre-scripted beforehand. Sort of feel like I'm walking on a high-wire compared to the security of knowing the story has all been worked out beforehand.