Mar 22, 2018

Duck Master p.6 & 7 - color

Mar 15, 2018

Duck Master p.4 & 5 color (in progress)

Some areas got messed up in inking, I feel.. Like this first panel here, that I ended up throwing mostly in shadow on Iron Finger's back.. As the wrinkles didn ot work out. So just scroll down to the pencils below, and enjoy all the great cloth folds...!

Mar 13, 2018

Duck Master p.4 & 5 - pencils

"Duck Master" proceeds apace... and I realize once again what a monumental undertaking a light, silly, funny animal comic book is to embark upon. Geez louise. What have I gotten myself into??! Hahaha.

***NOTE: These pages might make more sense (unlettered as they are) if you know that the villain here is called "Iron Finger" and has... well... an iron finger as his left forefinger. ***

Mar 11, 2018

Duck Master p.2-3 splash page (in progress)

Crowquill pen was flowing along nicely, then suddenly started jamming up somewhere midway through page 3... Sigh. Maybe a different ink will get me back in business. Or, I may abandon ship altogether and switch to a Speedball, or a brush pen or who knows what.

And I still need to get the lights lighter, more vibrant...

Mar 7, 2018

Duck Master, p.1-3 (Work in Progress)

Sneak peek at a new project, in collaboration with Joie Simmons (writer) and Paul Brian Deberry (consulting advisor).

Note these pages are unlettered and unfinished, just a preview of Duck Master and his adventures.

Feb 23, 2018

Wonder Woman, Icon of Female Empowerment

Concept by David M. Smith; script and art by me. Some of my local comic buddies have told me I screwed this up badly. That may well be the case. Judging by the readership of this blog, MOST of my attempts at comics are bloody screw-ups. Oh well. Sic Semper Comicus.