Oct 4, 2018

GoldBug Joins a Cult : p.17 - 23

After a long delay, here's another batch of pages.

My experiment in "writing as you go" (like a daily newspaper strip, sort of) seems to make, well, not much difference to keeping up sustained enthusiasm, though.

I do like that the story remains very open --- all I have are some rough notes on where it would go from here --- but the problem of the lag between writing and drawing remains. At least, for me it seems to be a problem; I have other ideas I want to tackle, which are more compelling to think about than the prospect of devoting so much time to the drawing process.

I would like to develop the other story points I have in mind. But, balanced against that is an urge to work on some more writing focused projects, either very lightly or simply illustrated.

Or, there are topics I want to learn about and research, which tempt me to take a break from "production" altogether. I'm really kind of undecided at this point.

Sep 6, 2018

Duck Master - cover pencils

Remember "Duck Master"? Back in the heady days of March and April 2018, it was Duck Master, Duck Master, every day... Surely you remember! No? Well anyway... here are the cover pencils that I forgot to post.

Also keep your beady little duck eyes peeled for a soon-to-be (we hope) forthcoming PRINTED version of Duck Master. With script and lettering by Joie Simmons. If you like that sort of thing. It would put you in a very small, exclusive company, to be sure. But I suppose anything's possible.

Jul 17, 2018

GoldBug Joins a Cult p.2 - 3

Notes: Scanning these as Grayscale images, and I keep getting smudgy gray crud in the backgrounds... even after "adjusting levels."

Actually --- it looks okay on my computer, it's just that other monitor settings yield different results. Kind of annoying and I'm not sure how to adjust it for universal viewability.