May 2, 2014

Caricature by Matthew Cox

I worked a gig recently drawing caricatures with Nashville artist Matthew Cox. We had a break where the guests were in some ceremony, and I asked him if he'd mind drawing me, which he kindly agreed to do.

It might be, just slightly, a little bit flattering. For instance, rather than nice, evenly spaced features and chiseled, movie star good looks, I'm more of a chinless hunchback with a lumpy potato nose and giant hairy ears. But a flattering style is good business, you know. People want "caricatures," but they also don't want to be reminded that they're pretty much genetic dead ends, whose lifestyle choices have mutated them into circus freaks.

Anyway I'm a fan of Matt's very mainstream caricature style, which he delivers consistently and with professionalism. I've been studying his approach and plan to ape it myself, so I can make millions (or whatever Matt makes, at least. I'm sure he lives in a big mansion like most caricature artists. I would myself but I blew it all on hookers and out-of-print art instruction books.)