Mar 31, 2016

Goldbug's Big Jungle Jam (p.1-3)

Starting a new comic here... This is inspired by the 1993 Mike Mignola/ Walt Simonson collaboration "Wolverine's Jungle Adventure." According to my lawyers, it's a clever parody, NOT a blatant rip-off...

Mar 8, 2016

Peak Fun to Launch Big Ad Campaign

I want to announce an exciting new plan to catapult Peak Fun Megacorp (PFM Industries(?)) into global consciousness. As regular blog readers, numbering in the teens perhaps, are aware, certain comments have been made alleging that the ol' PF comes up short in the promotional department.

Well, that changes today.

Today marks the beginning of a massive marketing and advertising blitz, in which we (I) will roll out a campaign of double-page magazine spreads targeting the nation's numerous magazine readers and consumers. Hey, if they like TIMER, Newsweekly, Popular Mechanistics, Smithson, The New Yawker, and other such fine bird-cage fodder, why shouldn't they be reading "In the Sheen of the Goldbug" every 10 years or so?

"Why go after the magazine market?" you may ask. "Nobody reads that crap."

Au contraire, mon amis. Magazines are highly popular. Just recall the last time you visited a big-box bookstore, or went through the checkout line at the grocery store. Those things are selling like the fabled "hot-cakes" that men used to find so irresistible(?). People can't get enough of US People Weekly, Entertrainment Bi-Valval, and other such rags.

Of course, the ultimate success or failure of this initiative may depend on the advertising rates currently in play for those highly popular venues. Understandably, being such "hot outlets," they get to ask top dollar for their dinky services. It's been a while since I looked into the cost of such things.

Until then, here is the first ad splash we have in the hopper. I think you will agree, this will get Mr. & Mrs. America moving down to their "LCS" of choice.