About Me

by Tim Rocks

Born late 70s, grew up around Birmingham, Alabama, went to college (for a few years) at some godforsaken institution...

The facts of my biography are excrutiatingly dull, so how about instead we look at my bibliography (which may come up short as well, but what the heck)?

In reverse order:

Franz Mailer, Master Cartoonist
Short story (illustrated) satirizing the contemporary comics scene and one of its famous creators (whom I actually like, incidentally.)

Duck Master
21 page color comic (in collaboration with Joie Simmons) about a kung fu fighting duck (well, quack jitsu, technically speaking.)

GoldBug: The Bug's Big Role
Color comic featuring the ongoing adventures of the gold galoot and his sidekick Ingot Lad. In this episode, they deal with an alien invasion that turns out to be a manufactured hoax by the government and intelligence agencies.

The Moist Squirter
Several comic strips about a superhero whose name is so annoying it complicates his heroic exploits.

The Dinosaur Fakers
Black & white picture book, ripping off Edward Gorey to the best of my ability. (Okay, a little different in style and intent, but heavily indebted.)

...And there's a partial list that will have to do for now. I may add to it later. Or not, the internet and sloth being what it is. In any event, you can also go through the archives (see below.)