Jan 26, 2020

"Merely Paying Homage..."

Sippy Cup of Evil presents, a new 6-part tribute to America's favorite nappy-headed cartoon icon...

Jan 14, 2020

Wading into print-on-demand again...

I've accumulated enough of these "Sippy Cup" strips to put together a little print version, which is always fun (whether people buy it or not...), so, herewith...

Amazon paperback:

Also available for Kindle:

Front and back covers:

Product specs: Paperback, 32pp, b&w, 6"x9"

Also, includes the 7-page "Thor" parody I did a few months ago.

Jan 6, 2020

Sippy Cup of Evil presents - "The Douche/ Anti-Douche Principle"

Yet another title iteration.

This time, I think it may stick. "Sippy Cup of Evil" seems both descriptive, and specific, in a way the earlier ones were not.

Anyway, here's another multi-part sequence...