Jun 28, 2012

"8-bit" Illustrations

Here's some material UAB Magazine commissioned for an article about local students and faculty who fight computer crime. They wanted to give it the "8-bit" (or maybe even 4-bit) look of old video-games. This one is an early version that strayed too far from the 8-bit concept, so

Jun 12, 2012

New Comic: Pete Moss and the Search for the Holy Nib

Part One of Three is finished. Here's the cover:

Pete Moss, an aspiring cartoonist, gets frustrated with his tools and sets out in search of the perfect nib. He tracks down his hero, Pulpo Papierios, at a comic convention and pesters him about his "line quality". Meanwhile, he's pursued by mysterious agents of a foreign power, and Pulpo seems to be mixed up in some sort of cult. It's all very droll.

Some random scenes/previews:

I xeroxed a small batch to give to friends and fellow cartoonists locally. If anyone in the wide world is interested, I suppose just paypal five bucks to rocksgraphic@hotmail.com and I'll mail one out to you. Right now though I'm mainly just showing it to people locally and looking to get some audience feedback that way.