Jun 28, 2012

"8-bit" Illustrations

Here's some material UAB Magazine commissioned for an article about local students and faculty who fight computer crime. They wanted to give it the "8-bit" (or maybe even 4-bit) look of old video-games. This one is an early version that strayed too far from the 8-bit concept, so

the background was changed (below) to a blocky cityscape. We also added a "part two" where the results of our hero's merciless programming prowess can be seen.

My approach to getting that look (using Photoshop) was to magnify a tiny canvas area up to a comfortable working size. Then use the pencil tool to add or subtract each giant "pixel" until it looked okay. Each "pixel" counts for a lot at that scale. Then enlarge the image back up to a normal working size. (You have to select the "nearest neighbor" option when resizing though or the results will be extremely blurry.) Then I'd collage the various elements together. 

The virus his own self:

And finally, sword guy vs. Chinese dragon/worm thing: 

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