Oct 2, 2013

"Slob-oids" (now with color)

I wasn't going to color this, but then my pal DMS suggested we make it into a "book & record" style comic, with an audio soundtrack and camera pans from panel to panel (the way some book & record comics are presented on YouTube.)

I still wasn't going to color it even then, because we have many ambitious plans that don't all come to fruition. However, now, it looks like this one may actually happen since we're at least 90-95% done with the audio. (And it sounds really good! Mr. Smith has done a fantastic job mixing the voices, music and sound effects together.)

So, with all that going on, I felt it should definitely be in color to make a better presentation. Some of the b&w panels were a bit muddy, so hopefully the color helps clarify things somewhat.

1 comment:

  1. Great comic, and now with a great coloring job! Can't wait to see the finished production.