Oct 4, 2018

GoldBug Joins a Cult : p.17 - 23

After a long delay, here's another batch of pages.

My experiment in "writing as you go" (like a daily newspaper strip, sort of) seems to make, well, not much difference to keeping up sustained enthusiasm, though.

I do like that the story remains very open --- all I have are some rough notes on where it would go from here --- but the problem of the lag between writing and drawing remains. At least, for me it seems to be a problem; I have other ideas I want to tackle, which are more compelling to think about than the prospect of devoting so much time to the drawing process.

I would like to develop the other story points I have in mind. But, balanced against that is an urge to work on some more writing focused projects, either very lightly or simply illustrated.

Or, there are topics I want to learn about and research, which tempt me to take a break from "production" altogether. I'm really kind of undecided at this point.