Jul 30, 2016


A few more pages of this epic story... My one or two readers may be interested to know that it looks like it will clock in at around 44 pages total. So I'm about 3/4 of the way there... and very ready to be through at this point.

Be sure to stick around for the "footnotes" at the bottom of this post...


P.28, panel 4-6: This is a reference to a scene from the Carl Barks story "Lost in the Andes," in which Donald Duck, Scrooge, and the nephews encounter an ancient civilization, untouched except for having been visited once by a professor from the South--- who has taught them to speak English with a Southern accent, as far as I can recall. And yes, the character has a black dog nose--- apparently being like those dog-men that Barks used for his supporting cast (at his editors' insistence; they would not let him draw human characters.)

Oh, and the lyrics the loco sings are meaningless. I could not remember the exact lyrics, so just made that up randomly.