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Faith in the Merge: A Sippy-Cup of Evil Collection
6"x9", b&w, 32pp

The Sheen of the Bug -- $5.99
Comic book size, b&w, 44pp

The Dinosaur Fakers -- $7.99
Gift book sized/ horizontal format, b&w, 72pp

GoldBug: The Bug's Big Jungle Jam -- $7.99
Comic book size, color, 44pp

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Magazine size, color, 20pp (incl. covers)

Almost a nonfiction essay in cartoon form. Based on a book by the academic Giacomo Preparata, describing the origins of "postmodernism" in the work of French intellectuals such as Georges Bataille and Michelle Foucault. This may sound irrelevant, but it turns out (according to Preparata) that much of our present world is explained by their ideas.

Magazine size, black & white, 32pp.

This is an early attempt at a full length comic, which I was never entirely happy with. It is modelled on the Tintin albums to a large degree. So, if you're looking for an inferior version of Tintin, give it a try!