Aug 25, 2016

jungle jam p.37-39

Just a few... more... pages... to go. GASP.

Remind me never to do a 44 page full color comic ever again...

Aug 13, 2016

Life is Just One Damn Cult After Another: A Note on “The Americans” TV Series

That's probably the appeal of Scientology, I realized recently: not the appeal of joining a cult, but the appeal of joining a better cult.

After all, as Chris Kendall often points out on his Hoaxbusters podcast,

Aug 11, 2016

Jungle Jam cover art

This is pretty much just a raw scan of the cover art for this current comic--- "The Bug's Big Jungle Jam," natch.

I've still got a few pages left, but I got inspired to go ahead and do the cover, so here it is!

(Of course the final cover will have title, price, warning label, etc.)