Jun 17, 2017

Wolfie - 8

Wow those are some harsh acid colors, aren't they... Oh well, that's comics for ya! 


Super Lucky Bonus Chip Kidd Style Blow-up panel:

Jun 7, 2017

I Know It's Only Propaganda But I Like It, Like It, Yes, I Do

Some people seem to think it's not propaganda if they agree with it: "The media that pushes MY views and agenda is created by sincere, well-meaning people of great integrity. The media pushing THEIR views and agenda is transparent propaganda created by hacks and tools of [name of hated entity]."

For instance, global warming doomsayers tell us they are fearful of

Jun 6, 2017

A Venerable Gentleman I Happen to Know Gives Us His Thoughts on Some Important Matters

"Most men (and some women)," said my ancient friend Colonel Poddleswot one day at the club, "should own a Library. We hear occasional laments for the loss of the manly arts: changing a tire, building a deck, holding at bay a den of black mambas. Yet who will speak for the 'manly' custom of owning a fair-sized library?"

"Indeed," said I, slipping into Poddleswot's City of London manner despite myself. "But books, you

Jun 4, 2017

The Shadow Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men... But it Takes Andy Helfer to Write a Funny Comic About It

By some circuitous route of mental off-ramps and scenic drives, which I could detail but will spare you from, I found myself recently thinking about some favorite old "Shadow" comics I've had for many years --- specifically, numbers 15 and 16 from the late '80s run by Andy Helfer and Kyle Baker. I'm still fascinated by them all these years later, and felt compelled to dig them out of deep storage once again, to revisit the Inquisitor character they depict. No description can do Baker's art here justice, but he gives us a grotesque powdered-wig wearing judge, pulled around in some sort of wheeled hackney by a little crowd of villainous riff-raff. This lunatic shouts orders, waves his gavel, and delivers swift "justice" on any unfortunates who cross his path. It was just as darkly comic and artfully drawn as I remembered.

Already coasting down these obscure backwaters, I further