Jun 7, 2017

I Know It's Only Propaganda But I Like It, Like It, Yes, I Do

Some people seem to think it's not propaganda if they agree with it: "The media that pushes MY views and agenda is created by sincere, well-meaning people of great integrity. The media pushing THEIR views and agenda is transparent propaganda created by hacks and tools of [name of hated entity]."

For instance, global warming doomsayers tell us they are fearful of

the oil company propaganda that plays down the danger of global warming. Never mind that I've seen adds from BP and other oil corps about their commitment to "green" causes and technology, so basically accepting the over-riding "carbon is bad" narrative. Let's accept the believers' view for a moment that that's the case --- that oil company execs are like the cartoon villains they see on TV (which often does literally depict industry tycoons as one-dimensional villains.)

Even were that so, those voices and views are clearly dwarfed, media and propaganda-wise, by the avalanche of "true believer" voices, all across the board from corporations, media, government, academia, etc. Belief in cataclysmic doom is the mainstream, establishment view --- and, hence, the propaganda message of the day. Just because YOU have been convinced by it, and think you have done so on some rational basis, does not mean it is not a constant propaganda barrage on the public.

Of course when YOU hear it (as a believer) you coo and purr in contentment, and smile to yourself at the great rationality and benevolence of those in power. If you can see it as propaganda at all (questionable), it is only as "good" propaganda. Because there are still dummies amongst us, who need to be cudgeled into submission, and accept what you "know" is "right."

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  1. Yes, that is all dandy and all that, but imagine how much better that you could have said all that, had you drawn it.

    Or drawn several images to accompany your parade of paragraphs.

    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You opted for two hundred and eighty-two words, though - so, I'm feeling a bit cheated, here, Tim.