Jan 14, 2015

"Paradigm Shift"

Here's another one-pager.. To view at a readable size, please right-click on the image and choose "Open in New Tab." (And then click it with the magnifying glass...)

And here it is in black & white (if you're into that sort of thing)...

1 comment:

  1. A good example of how your brilliance meets my stunted intellectual taste buds. A nice, short piece that ends, almost as soon as it began, and leaves me feeling.....well.....underwhelmed.

    It has all of the ingredients of a delicious dish. Intellectually, you serve up a hearty dish of gourmet food, but here I am, and all I want is the equivalent of a burger and fries.

    I want to like this. I strive to appreciate this. But why is it that I am always - ALWAYS - end up reading your handiwork, only to be left wanting more, More, MORE, while simultaneously left feeling that my mind ate a really huge meal, only to remain hungry for something different?

    This is what I have concluded, Tim Rocks. You, kind sir, are an intellectual giant, even as you remain an entertainment tease. Here, you have me looking up what battery hens are. Shame on you for that! Shame, I say!

    Visually, your artistic craftsmanship leaves me agog. No matter how much of your work that I encounter, invariably my appetite cannot be sated. You are wicked in addicting me to your art, yet you shun that part of me that just wants to be entertained without having concrete boots of intellectualism placed upon my feet.

    You brew strong comic coffee, sir. It smells delicious, but it burns my tongue, it's so damned hot!