Jun 12, 2012

New Comic: Pete Moss and the Search for the Holy Nib

Part One of Three is finished. Here's the cover:

Pete Moss, an aspiring cartoonist, gets frustrated with his tools and sets out in search of the perfect nib. He tracks down his hero, Pulpo Papierios, at a comic convention and pesters him about his "line quality". Meanwhile, he's pursued by mysterious agents of a foreign power, and Pulpo seems to be mixed up in some sort of cult. It's all very droll.

Some random scenes/previews:

I xeroxed a small batch to give to friends and fellow cartoonists locally. If anyone in the wide world is interested, I suppose just paypal five bucks to rocksgraphic@hotmail.com and I'll mail one out to you. Right now though I'm mainly just showing it to people locally and looking to get some audience feedback that way.


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to get me a copy. "It's all very droll." Haha! I'll bet it is.

  2. haha, yeah I don't know if it's droll or not. Just sounded funny to me. I'll have to think how to get you one asap.