Aug 3, 2011

News & Notes

Everyone in the world should read this thread. Basically, the thread-starter launches a plan to start a superhero universe, but done the *right* way (i.e. not like how Marvel and DC do their superhero universes.) And to fund it using one of these new money-getting Kickstarter-type websites (only not Kickstarter, because he resents their 4% take, plus Amazon's 2%.) But what makes it all such a rollicking good time (for me) is how it quickly becomes this big soap opera of various personalities chiming in with their take on it, and the schisms, and then everybody weighing in on the schisms. It's pretty great. The first few pages might be kind of slow, I don't remember, but currently there's been some pretty spectacular back-and-forth over a logo design, and somebody wrote a very formal outline of the steps involved in creating and launching a superhero universe, as a suggested guide for the OP to follow, which was bloody great. I wish I could have recommended it when it began, since it's much more fun to follow threads day by day, but that's just life in the forums kid.

Also, Sergio Aragones has a new funnybook out! In fact it's called "Sergio Aragones - funnies" (with "funnies" in large display letters.) I saw it at Books-a-Million today. In his cartooned introduction where he draws himself talking he explains that this comic will be written in his own voice (in the past he's often worked with Mark Evanier to smooth over his English troubles) and that it will feature stories and anecdotes from his own life. So pick one up wherever Bongo comics are sold! Hooray for Sergio, the coolest man in comics.

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