Mar 19, 2015

Peter Porker FanFic...

A page from an imaginary Peter Porker comic...

Please click the "Read More" to view at full size. And scroll down to see my notes, and the pencil under-drawing for this page.

A Note on this Comic:

Somehow this idea occurred to me after reading some essays by painter and writer Miles W. Mathis ( 
Specifically, his piece on the alleged Manson murders (PDF here--

In that lengthy article, he examines photos, the backgrounds of the individuals involved, the news reports and mainstream books about the case, and determines that it was fabricated-- a manufactured event. I find his argument persuasive myself, but right or wrong it's quite an intriguing conceit; and somehow it occurred to me, absurdly, to cross that idea with the world of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

I hope you the reader enjoy the weird disjunction of it, since that's what appealed to me. Unfortunately, while I would like there to be a page two, and three, and so on, I can't see spending all that time on it, since I don't own the property.

Maybe somebody who knows copyright law could tell me if it would be protected under fair use as satire, but unless that's the case, I will just have to offer this page as a fragment of a hypothetical full-lenth issue, and leave the rest to your imagination. Anyway, I don't even know what animal Gwen Stacy was in the Spider-Ham comics, so that was also going to be a hurdle...

Here are the pencils:

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