Jun 26, 2015

False Starts

Maybe it's the summer heat...

Whatever the case, I've begun a few comic pages lately only to find myself growing frustrated with them, and eventually deciding to cut my losses and put them aside. Maybe I'll return to them, maybe not, but at least for now I'll just work on other stuff.

Still I thought people might like to see these abortive efforts (I know how much people like images of abortion, after all) so here ya go...

The first one was going to be a bit of a rip-off/homage to Winsor McCay's "Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend" (great strip, by the way.. I actually kind of like it better than his more famous "Little Nemo" comic. It's slightly more "adult" in content, more irreverent, and can be quite visually witty and hip, esp. considering it's 100 years old.)

My version is just a conversation between a couple in "the future," but I found it very difficult to maintain a Winsor-ian consistency or naturalism to the drawing.

The second page.. actually now that I see it scanned, I see more potential in it. So this blog post has been useful after all-- I think I'll refrain from posting the pencils on that one until I see if I can get it in better shape and have a finished page to show as well.

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