Aug 11, 2015

The Obscure Origins and Hidden Agenda of Postmodernism

UPDATE 10/6/15: Finished!

Please scroll down (and to the right...) to read all 18 pages, plus front and back cover (or would-be front and back covers, if it were printed.)


  1. Well, I'll say this for you, Tim, that was a very lengthy way of going about not doing a very good job of explaining something.

    That small criticism aside, there's a certain vein of genius that runs through your work. You craft intellectual depth into your art. It's like taking a dive in the Marianas Trench. Maybe I should drop the 's' on that, but I'm a bit old fashioned, that way.

    This batch of art on post-modernism isn't my personal favorite of your stuff, but it was delightful to stumble across these little artistic gems during my Internet interloper session on your web site, today.

    You've got some other blog postings posted, since my last visit to your site, but before I delve into the flavors of those newest hatch-lings of Tim Thought, I wanted to leave a response for you to stub your mental toe over, when next you return to this place that you spend far too little time in.

    If the sum totality of your artistic qualities were a woman, then what a gorgeous creature she would be.

    Nonetheless, you're a bastard for not posting more often! You post so infrequently here that you are inflicting artistic famine upon me.

    I hope that you don't die, one day, from art clogging you arteries.

  2. Charles,
    Just as a point of reference here, what would you consider an adequate page quota for a cartoonist to produce? Are we looking at 15 pages a month? 20? 32? You want a 32-page color comic every month? I just want to know in case it ever happens, I'll be able to congratulate myself on meeting the mark!

    I gotta agree with you that it's not as clear as it could be. I've really struggled with how to organize and present this material. I might could've used an editor on this one, but oh well, "it is what it is."

    And I should point out that it's not done being poorly explained; there are more confusing pages to come, so stay tuned for those. (In about a week or so...)

  3. Tim,

    I didn't know that you had replied, so I'm just now reading your response, after a new visit to the site, here.

    What would I consider an adequate page quota for a cartoonist to produce? Well, having never pondered that dilemma before, I'm not entirely sure. But, then again, adequate strikes me as such an uninspiring goal to set for one's self.

    Me? Where your work is concerned? Oh, at least a hundred pages a day, and not one page less, bare minimum - and even that would only be a starting point, at best. Then again, maybe you're posing the wrong question.

    It's clear enough, the above pages. It's the subject matter that you're tackling that is the problem.

    I just like your artistic handiwork. Don't think me cruel, because I merely want to see more. Have you taken a look around, lately? There's a lot of boring, drab stuff out there attempting to pass itself off as interesting art.

    Yet, there you sit, like King Midas, hoarding all of that golden talent.

    Alms for the poor?

  4. Ha... I'm not hoarding anything. For some strange reason, people don't seem to want rambling, vaguely scary cartoon explanations of nefarious schemes by academics and intellectuals..