Apr 15, 2018

Duck Master p.10-12 inks/color

Still struggling with dip pen issues on these pages... I switched over to a Micron 08 at one point. But I found this great inking tutorial by Tom Richmond, going to give some of his ideas a try:


You know what's hilarious though?

At one point Richmond says he prefers the Hunt 303, for its ability to change directions without catching on the paper, and to draw "almost like a pencil" would. Now, I have NEVER come across a 303, that I can recall. My local art store, which has a pretty good selection, doesn't have that nib.

You would think, as great as this nib sounds, that it would not be some obscure mystery buried in the recesses of an old warehouse somewhere. That cartoonists would be singing its glories from the hills, and constantly pestering art stores about it. The industry standard nib by comparison, the Hunt 102, SOUNDS pretty awful from every description you can read about it. It snags, it can't change direction, it doesn't hold much ink, etc., etc. But THOSE are in good supply! What are ya gonna do...

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