May 12, 2010


This 5-page comic was reacting to a small story about a taser incident that was in the news briefly.


  1. Great comic, as per your usual!

    You are a master at drawing the grotesquely beautiful people. Those last two panels on page 2 are a riot! And Brachel is the perfect name for her.

    And talk about topical! Didn't this just happen like four days ago or something?

    The crew members in page1, panel1 are great. You should draw a comic all about them someday.

    Page1, panel3 - I love the old-fashioned overhanging noses of the crowd, and I love how the guy really doesn't seem to be running very fast at all.

    Page5, panel3 - I dig her hand there. Very nice electrocution hand.

    Harsh critiques: You should research tasers. They're shaped like guns, and they have two wires coming out. ... and, Something about your thick panel borders and thin gutters always makes me feel claustrophobic or depressed. Have you considered thinner borders/thicker gutters?

  2. Thanks Chris!
    Yes it happened recently.. I was at the laundromat and saw them talking about it on TV. Drew comic to get revenge! On TV talking heads!

    The crew members might have some influence from people I've seen you draw, a little bit.

    I'm glad you noticed about the "not running fast", that was something I wanted to get across.. how low-key some "big, exciting" video clips sometimes are.

    Great point on the taser I guess.. is that right, they look like guns? Makes sense.. I had a vague memory of them as little Star Trek things.. and thought I could be lazy and use no reference!

    The panel borders.. interesting. That may be the effect. I have various ideas about it, I will have to think about it.

  3. Good stoff Mr. Rocks! Your wtiting reminds me of when Mad used to not suck teets. Highly enjoyable!