Jun 30, 2010

Imitation MAD

So, the idea here (don't ask why) was to do a piece on talk-show host Alex Jones, in the style of 1980s MAD Magazine. (Follow the link below to view all seven pages.)








  1. Holy cow! I think it's amazing! It looks and feels just like a MAD feature. Maybe TOO much, because they were so wordy, and not really all that funny. So this, done in such a loving tribute, suffers from some of the same problems. Still, your story IS funny, and it's very thoughtful, and it makes interesting points. Good stuff!

    God, it reads JUST like a MAD story, with all those rectangular word balloons, in long strings of dialogue like that. It makes it feel just like when I read Mad as a kid -- half funny and half ... just weird. You got the font right, the bold words, and everything. Awesome drawing, awesome inking.

    It's beautiful to see you do such careful inking, and so MUCH of it. I hope you're proud of how pretty it is!

    I'm especially impressed with the drawing of the panel with the down-angle on Alex and the little alien with the ray gun. That's just gorgeous. It looks just like something from those bygone days, when brilliant illustrators commonly moonlighted in comics.

    I'm glad they really were invaded by the man at the end. So much more fun and cartoony than it would've been if all the conspiracy theories had been wrong, and nothing happened.

    The naked body pyramid is hilarious. "Get used to it," is hilarious, like they'll be put in pyramids every day or something. I love the varied faces in that panel. But I do think you missed an opportunity there, to draw it in such a way that we could see two or three naked asses sticking up. That would just add so much to the comedy, and also to a real feeling of nakedness and humiliation.

  2. Great work, Tim! Send a copy to MAD... what's the worst that could happen? An assignment?!

  3. That does sound risky.. hopefully they'd just throw it in the trash and forget about it!

  4. Wow, very nice, reads just like a MAD comic...