Jan 1, 2016

Gold-Bug --- Ep. 3, pt. i

Here are the first 8 pages of this new comic (click the "Read More" below to view.)

And here is a selected panel:


  1. Ah...Another episode in the ongoing GoldBug saga.

    GB meet EB, or more accurately, EBB.

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

    But, first, an important message from our non-sponsors.

    It's a new year, and a new GoldBug adventure, and I am feeling unrequited love. Specifically, I do not feel that you are giving GB the love that he needs, deserves, etc..

    Far worse than that, though, is the fact that you hide in GB's gold vault, and live out your life of artistic luxury in relative obscurity, but there seems to be no Facebook page dedicated to your artistic meanderings. There is your personal Facebook page, last updated for the general public in the year 2014 (May 31st, to be exact), but God forbid that there be an actual Temple on the Art Mount page for anyone to stumble across.

    I did not even know that Goldbug was the name of of several fictional characters in the various Transformers universe. NOTE: See link below!


    That's Goldbug, and not GoldBug, of course.

    Having not really lamented at length in the Year of the Current, as of yet, allow me to state how underwhelmed by GB's latest adventure that I am. While Commissioner Nouget may be up for a bets supporting actor award, I have doubts as to whether GB will even get by with a mere nomination for best actor.

    Very disappointed, Mister Artist Man!

    The core problem isn't GoldBug, however. It never is. Rather, the core problem remains with the artist - the very same one who is bathing in olive duotones and gorging himself on ors d'oeuvres of post-modernism flavored ors d'oeuvres..

    Tilting with windmills while in some obscure gold vault of a closet is maddening, to the readers of our species. Even Don Quixote had Sancho Panza. Whatever it is that you are hawking, artistically, you need to bring it to the fore of public attention - not keep it relegated to the backwaters of this blog joint.

    I'm not even going to wonder aloud why you are wasting the entire presidential race on such a low energy approach to fame, glory, and the occasional sandwich.

    When you tell a story through the entire approach that you embrace, such as the latest GoldBug adventure above, it tends to run the gamut from brilliant to boring, all in the span of a few panels. Talk about maddening!

    The individual panels were more entertaining than the story, itself.

    You have artistic talent in spades. You carry buckets of wit with you at all times. Your use of dialogue is epic, at times. You are even an Ace of the Special Effects squadron. Yet, you persist in telling a boring story. You have all of the ingredients for a great tasting cake, here, yet it didn't turn out quite right.

    Like the titular character in the last panel of this adventure, the reader is left feeling spent.

    Your characters have a certain dramatic flair about them, but they don't seem to be getting GoldBug any place.

    And I'm a fan of the chap, myself - and have been, for some time, now.

    The urchin and the air conditioning carry the weight in this one.

    Oh, and the commissioner deserves a raise.

    If things don't start to improve, I am going to have to start using some of your panels for my Facebook profile and cover image spots.

    Be one with the Reader Force, young Padawan!

  2. Sorry about the double dose of ors d'oeuvres, also.

  3. Thanks for your comments Charles. If I may critique your critique though, I feel it is somewhat lacking in specifics...

    Also you seem to have missed the "part i" in the post title--- unfortunately there's more to go in this particular sad sack attempt at a Gold-Bug outing :-)

    And, I'm not sure if you are joking when you complain about my hiding out or languishing in obscurity? Do you think I control the media and distribution channels, so that I could blanket the public with wall-to-wall Gold-Bug if only I chose to do so? Do you really think a Facebook page would be any more visible than this blog? Wouldn't people just ignore that, also?

    I'm glad you found some parts to enjoy... Hope you'll stick it out for part ii; I really think the story gets better, in my own personal opinion.

  4. People have a demonstrated mastery of ignoring pretty much anything and everything that they want to. That's rather beside the point, though.

    Facebook is very good at providing a user-friendly way to view photos, and by default, art in image format. It is also very adept at facilitating sharing of online items. As an artist who works for pay, it is in your interest for your talent to be viewed and shared. Facebook is very much oriented towards low-level networking, at initiating first contacts. It presents opportunities to you that are simply not presented here.

    Not that I want this place to disappear, but I really do think that having an active Facebook page for your art would prove to be much more likely to generate interest in and feedback to your art from a wider range of people.

    I'll reserve judgment on the rest of this particular Gold-Bug tale, until I read it.

    And, yes, I do think that you control media and distribution channels. Even if you don't, you still have a hand in your own destiny.

    My critiques are always lacking in specifics. Specifics tend to make people's heads explode.

    Besides, I am new at this.

  5. Okay, I see what you're getting at. What if I put some kind of "Share" gadget on this site? I think Blogger has that ability.

  6. So, after almost a year, how did your chosen approach work for you? Goldbug would not stop with just adding share buttons. Why don't you just create a Facebook page for Peak Fun?