Jan 11, 2016

Gold-Bug --- Ep. 3, pt. ii

Here are pages 9-18, just click the "Read more" below.


  1. Hah! I have now read this episode from the annals of Gold-Bug history.

    My interest level just gets up and rolling, though, as that last panel comes crashing down. What the Hell?!


    Replete with a rich assortment of characters, each with their own peculiar dialects and mannerisms, this latest installment is more of what I love about your work. More in lighter tones, compared to some of your more darkly hatched and colored stuff, works better, I think, with the darker handiwork more reservingly resorted to.

    You do the darker stuff well, but it leaves for a heavier meal sitting on the stomach of my eyes. One can consume only so much visual meatloaf,you know.

    I love Ingot lad's initial look on that last page, but then you transformed him into something of the more ordinary variety. Blah. Ho hum.

    Not that it matters, since you abruptly brought it to an end, in the manner that you did. Just break out the interest guillotine, why don't you, Tim? Just lob it right off.

    My curiosity wants me to ask you why it is that you are not churning out political cartoons, this being a presidential election year and all, not to mention that you have such an array of caricature opportunities that you could turn into a story?

  2. Thanks, Charles. I did not realize the last panel could be unclear... What I was getting at, is that the Shadow Elite villain's plan to manipulate everyone with a "false dialectic" was not going to be addressed (by GoldBug at least.) Thus, in effect everyone would be "mind-controlled slaves"... Hope that makes sense.

    That's an interesting idea about doing something with the presidential race. I certainly am intrigued by the Trump phenomenon (though sick of it all too.) Just haven't had any big ideas jump out at me. I did come across this interesting article recently, maybe there's a cartoon idea in here somewhere: