Jun 10, 2016

Jungle comic thing p.16-18


  1. I have read none of the new stuff that you posted, since my last visit here.

    So, no comment on any of it - yet! Just wanted to rouse you from your slumber, to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you.

  2. What can I say? I always love your stuff.

    You're never going to have the audience, here, that you would on Facebook.

    You take silliness rather seriously, Mister Tim, yet intellectual heft is sewn firmly into all that you craft. They (the ever-mysterious they) should beat you with sticks, daily, to compel you to churn out more stuff, more frequently, quality be damned!

    Well, no, not really, because your work oozes with quality, and we certainly wouldn't want to lose that, but you get the point, I suspect.

    I really love the palette of colors for this latest conglomeration of comic wit. Your lighter (as in color, not intellect, is what I mean and am referring to in this particular instance) stuff tends to be my favorite, I think. I suspect that you'll prove me wrong on that, yet, before all is said and done.

    I'm very tired, as I type this. I have to head off to bed. It is a tragedy and a travesty that I don't write more, tonight. I've got to skedaddle, though, before the yawns show up and spoil this party of praise.

    Before I bug out on you, though, I want to sing faint praise for your lettering. It always picks your work up by the bootstraps. And did I mention the fact that you utilize narration? Honest, there's no end to the praise that I have for your work, Mister Rocks.

    Except for tonight, as I must say, "Tallo ho!" I am off in search of some snoozes.


    Damn you and your comic genius!

  3. Charles. Good to hear from you again! Thanks for your comments and criticism.

    You left comments in several places, but I'll just reply here. RE- promotion- Honestly, I'm just clueless about how to go about that. You think a "Tim Rocks Comics" Facebook page would really make much difference? I'm willing to give it a shot, I guess.. I just assumed it would be about as dead as this place is. My posts on Digital Webbing, for instance, get almost no comments lately. What am I to think but that the work is of very little interest to most people.

    Re- productivity. Yes, I too wish I could be more productive. All I can plead is that it feels foolhardy to spend 8-10 hours a day doing something that seems to have zero societal benefit (based on the overall non-response the work I have done gets.) Technically it is a "hobby" activity, that provides me no money, no respect, no accolades (almost), etc. I have to prioritize paying commercial jobs, as well as other parts of life such as spending time outside, exercising or relaxing; pining away dreaming about women that won't talk to me; reading books and essays (which feeds into the comics and their Serious, Important Themes, at least.)

    Also-- I get a little despondent, and even nauseous, over the whole flood of "entertainment" our society puts out. It's disgusting in a way to walk into a comic shop and see more titles have come out each month than I can even glance at without feeling overwhelmed. Makes me want to just wash my hands of the whole business. The whole rise of "nerd culture" too and the inbred, self-referential flood of vomit that the industry keeps serving up. And the damn slick glossy paper, have I mentioned that... But that's another story.

    Anyway. I guess it doesn't help that I'm kind of ambivalent about adding to the flood of "product" that's already out there. I appreciate that you think it's got some worthwhile quality though. I enjoy making this stuff (sometimes) but it helps to know a few people out there "get it" as well.