Jun 30, 2016

Interview on Postflaviana

Jerry Russell and Joe Atwill of Postflaviana.org interviewed me about my comic on postmodernism. We talked about Giacomo Preparata (whose writings prompted the comic), the Frankfurt School, critical theory, comics as a way to express alien or difficult ideas, and more.


In addition, be sure to check out the many essays and other podcasts archived on Postflaviana.org. They analyze literature, pop culture, religion, politics and more from an esoteric perspective, informed by deep scholarly research.

Click here to buy the comic on IndyPlanet.

Or go here to preview the full 18 pages online.


  1. Listening to the podcast, now. I am at about the ten minute mark. Not much of you in it, thus far, it seems.

  2. OK, I listened to it - all fifty-four minutes and five seconds of it.

    There were, of course, several interruptions by my son, who kept on trying to pull my head off (It was his trophy, he claimed), and attacking me in unrelenting fashion with an iron Minecraft pickaxe, while claiming to be from the Blackrock clan (I took him to see the Warcraft: The Beginning film).

    I can assure you, I'm not indifferent to your work. It is heavily loaded, to the point of being a bit much to ask the average reader (Whatever that might be) to balance it on the tip of their finger of understanding.

    If I may suggest, having slogged through this podcast that you linked to, you might want to consider adding some footnotes to your work, each time that you post it. Elaborating upon it would likely be more likely to win you some converts than leaving the Reader-Who-Doesn't-Know-You-From-Adam to drown in the flood of your intellectual meanderings.

    Your artwork is the perfect vehicle - but have you any passengers?

    Have you considered whether you are using the wrong bait?


    Your biggest fan

  3. Hmm, biggest fan... or biggest critic? :-)

    You're right though, I got no passengers, and the fish aren't biting. I'm open to ideas, but "I yam what I yam" as the spinach man says. Not really much I can do but keep on keeping on.

    Also, not sure if you noticed but I replied to your previous comments... In case there's anything there you want to pick up on and continue the conversation.


  4. Biggest fan. I'm not one to criticize, after all.

    You've got no passengers, because you don't count me, El Numero Uno. I've seen others loiter here, from time to time. Perhaps you have a cult following of mute typists.

    Your stuff tends to be intellectually dense. It's magnificent stuff, in its own right (much of it is, anyway), but you're off on some trek into an intellecto-entertainment singularity. I strain to keep up. Your story-telling is fit for academia. Carl Barks died not quite two decades ago, thereby creating a big opening for you to step in and fill his shoes, but you're podcasting and building a fleet of artistic intellecto-robots.

    You're creating artistic fudge that's too rich to eat much of. Your recipe is one part entertainment, ten parts seriousness, and a hundred-thousand parts intellectual, with about a gallon of seriousness per page, to boot.

    The result? Comicesque fruitcake.