Nov 23, 2016

Finished "The Dinosaur Fakers" --- Available on Amazon, etc.

There's still one more segment or so to post to the blog, but this picture book is available to buy in print form via CreateSpace:

Also on Amazon:

Although I get more money if you buy on CreateSpace... Amazon gives very small royalties I have learned... 89 cents for a $7.99 comic, for example. And all of this assumes you sell $100 of the stuff in the first place, or they won't even cut you a check. So, that's how that works.

But at least you end up with a print copy... Much nicer than trying to read on screen..

Another thing I have learned, incidentally, is that CreateSpace has a $199 setup fee for hardcover books. So, my dream of printing this in hardcover, like one of those nutty little Edward Gorey books, is out the window.

There are other print-on-demand places that do hardcovers as one-offs (like, but they are limited to standard size books. This thing is an oddball landscape format.

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