Jan 14, 2017

My old "Gross-out Jokes" Book now sells for $44.99 on Amazon..?!

I don't know what the story is, but this cheapo book I drew 10 years back or so is being listed for boocoo bucks (beaucoup?) by someone on Amazon..



  1. How do I like the CreateSpace printing on th GOldBug: The Bug's Big Jungle Jam?

    The print quality is fine. It looks good. The cover does have a somewhat funny feel to it, as you mentioned once before, but that's due to it being of higher quality than comic books I used to buy growing up. You should experiment with some lower grade paper, if possible. Higher grade materials will increase the price points, I'm sure.

    The inside covers, as you well know, are blank. There's also a couple of extra pages at the end that are blank, which comes out to a total of the equivalent space of six pages of white paper. That may be due to the page count. You need to do it in four-page increments, although I didn't count the number of pages in this issue. I haven't even read it, yet, in fact.

    The inside pages look particularly good. Your watercolor front cover is OK, and as an artist you will always be tempted to experiment and to mix it up. I like the style of the interior page art more than I like the watercolors. It's the medium, and not the art, itself, though.

    You do need the Facebook page. It will generate more conversation and comments in passing, I think. I like the blog, but it's isolated, and you really need to install a forum, to facilitate long term discussions, such as the ones that you and I have.

  2. Thanks for the printing review. Most of it I have to say was out of my control though. Not sure why they added extra blank pages beyond 4. Etc. Not many options on paper type either, though I like their matte paper.

    Will look into fb... Might still be on the backburner for a bit though.

  3. Good idea! Better to keep progress on the backburner.

    The longer that your art flies under the radar, the better. I left a photo of my copy of the GoldBug comic book on your personal Facebook page, by the way.