Jan 21, 2017

"The Sheen of the Bug" - cover design

I'm putting together a collection of 3 GoldBug stories to be printed through CreateSpace. (GoldBug is "the world's least favorite parody superhero," in case you were not aware.)

These are "classic" (i.e. old) stories I've posted here to this blog, but now will be available for $5.99 in physical form (or on Kindle as well, also for $5.99.)

It will be black and white, 41 story pages plus one "pin-up" page.

Here is the cover (front and back):


  1. How fortunate...You didn't bother with posting a link, to make it handy for the site visitor. The last time that you did that, I bought something. Thank you for making it less likely for me to make a temptation purchase.

  2. https://www.amazon.com/Sheen-Bug-Tim-Rocks/dp/1542679915/

  3. Not sure why I bought this, in light of the fact that preview pages from it sparsely populated the place.

    But, I did. I bought it, anyway.

    The Bug must have bit me!

  4. It was not yet in their system when I posted this. Thanks for ordering it though!