May 8, 2017

Photos from Local Arts Festival

I recently had the pleasure to take part in an arts festival that spotlighted the work of Alabama cartoonists, including my work. I don't know who reads this blog if anyone, but you may be interested to see how the show went down:

(Note the page is public, you just have to click "No Thanks" if you don't want to log in to Facebook.)

Here we are during the panel discussion. That's me on the far right at the end of the table. The event was hosted by the University of Montevallo, a small liberal arts college a short drive south of Birmingham.


  1. Well, I read this blog, for one.

    Glad to see you at the event, post event.

  2. Thanks Charles, good to hear from you, glad to know you're still reading! What else is new in the world of comic books (or the world in general), any thoughts on the current state of the art?