May 31, 2017

Wolfie - 6

Finally, another page in this short comic (8 pages total).

I've been sidetracked by some actual paying jobs, caricature gigs, freelance work, etc. Which is good on the one hand obviously since that pays the bills, but I do hate to neglect the blog.

I've actually had these last few pages drawn, but they weren't colored. Still learning the ropes of coloring with markers. It's weird how unpredictably the colors scan--- they can look quite different on the page itself.

And a special whacky Chip Kidd style blow-up panel... If you look closely you can see the dots (in the line art) where it was printed. Because the roundabout process I'm using is to actually scan the 11x14 line art, then print it out onto marker paper at 8.5x11, then color and scan that. (No wonder it takes me so long to crank out these Modern Masterpieces....!)

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