Jan 24, 2017

"Sheen of the Bug" available to buy

Buy on CreateSpace (where I make lots of money, wee!):


Or buy on Amazon (where I make a piddling fraction of the total):


Sorry for the long link... I guess they have a lot of "merch" they need to unload.

Here's the high-powered sales pitch; see if you can resist my powers to craft compelling catalog copy:

Don't "bug out," but it's GoldBug time --- time, that is, for 3 CLASSIC tales of the world's least favorite parody superhero!

These short stories, created from 2013-2016, feature the ever optimistic and naive gold/ insect-themed hero GoldBug; his side-kick Ingot Lad; their arch nemeses Dr. Dollar Dump and Peppa Money; and a motley crew of assorted hangers-on.

Despite the absurdity, a few serious themes creep in here and there --- so rationalize it to yourself that way, if you decide to shell out cash for this decidedly low-end cruise through the swamps of contemporary culture.

Jan 22, 2017

Bronco-busting Codger Captures Cutie

Another somewhat H.J.Ward-inspired piece penciled by me (very roughly), then cleaned up and inked by my anonymous colleague.

(Note: there has been some debate over the propriety of a BBCCC alliteration scheme, with various alternatives proposed, such as "Bronco-busting Baddie Body-snatches Bimbo." Try it yourself at home and let me know if you come up with anything. A top priority is to maintain the "geezer" associations of "codger" with a B-word though. Also "bronco-busting" would be nice to retain.)

Jan 21, 2017

"The Sheen of the Bug" - cover design

I'm putting together a collection of 3 GoldBug stories to be printed through CreateSpace. (GoldBug is "the world's least favorite parody superhero," in case you were not aware.)

These are "classic" (i.e. old) stories I've posted here to this blog, but now will be available for $5.99 in physical form (or on Kindle as well, also for $5.99.)

It will be black and white, 41 story pages plus one "pin-up" page.

Here is the cover (front and back):

Jan 14, 2017

My old "Gross-out Jokes" Book now sells for $44.99 on Amazon..?!

I don't know what the story is, but this cheapo book I drew 10 years back or so is being listed for boocoo bucks (beaucoup?) by someone on Amazon..


Jan 3, 2017

H.J. Ward tribute sketch

H.J. Ward was a pulp artist who painted a lot of spicy magazine covers back in the 30s and 40s. After viewing his work in a coffee table book, his imagery seeped into my brain, apparently, and when my friend asked me to draw a sketch for him to ink, this was the result.

The pencils took about 10 minutes; my colleague's inks took about 20 or so.