Sep 8, 2016

Front and back cover design, Interior cover

I'm trying to get this comic set up for CreateSpace, becoming a "graphic designer" for a day...

I was really excited about the interior cover design (3rd image below), which would span front and back inside covers; however, it looks like CreateSpace might just force you to leave the interior covers blank. So far I don't see any option for uploading that image.

Also, they have a 40 mb limit on the cover image, and 600dpi watercolor scans just blow through that...


  1. My copy arrived in the mail, today, and that, my dear GoldBug, was a golden feeling!

  2. If you would Charles please comment to the latest post next time, so people can see the whole conversation.

    I agree about making a Facebook page for Peak Fun. Maybe there's a way to tie it to Blogger, so it will post there whenever I post to the blog. That would be ideal anyway.

    How do you like the CreateSpace printing?