Sep 30, 2016

"GoldBug" available on Amazon

"GoldBug: The Bug's Big Jungle Jam" (see recent posts below) is now available through Amazon as a printed copy for $7.99:


(Actually this link is to the CreateSpace store --- which gives me a higher royalty than Amazon itself. Go here to buy on Amazon itself.)

The proof copies (printed by Amazon's CreateSpace) look very good, I think--- they're on matte paper, instead of the annoying glossy paper most comics are printed on these days.


  1. I started to buy it on CreateSpace store, but then I remembered that with Amazon, I get free shipping with Prime. My wife's account has the Prime account linked to it, but she's changed her password, it seems. So, thanks to my wife's foresight, you lost a sale, today.

    I'll buy it another day (even though I much prefer digital format to paper format for comic books).

    Fr now, though.....Curses, foiled again!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Charles. You crack me up talking about this "posting Eden" of mine.

    I'm surprised you prefer digital format. They do have an option for that, I need to look into it. But I will say that their printing is actually very high quality---nice paper stock, and some have told me the colors look better than on screen. People dislike the cover paper somewhat (it has a funny texture), but the interior printing is very good.

  3. Any thoughts on the "picture book" experiment?

  4. Picture book experiment? What picture book experiment? Surely, you jest? I still haven't gotten around to playing catch-up with your blog postings, yet.

    I did order your Goldbug: The Bug's Big Jungle Jam off Amazon, just now, though. That makes me a patron of the arts, right?

    Is that your Gross Out Jokes book, also? $44.99 is a good way to price yourself out of my market.

    I do prefer digital comic books over print versions. Look at it this way, kid - Offering people options - choices - increases your chances of selling your stuff, plus it broadens your prospective customer base - except for the $44.99 stuff. That right there is a no go zone for me, and I love your work.

  5. Still waiting on Goldbug: The Bug's Big Jungle Jam to arrive.